Steph Kapela & Timmy Blanco Bring All The Heat on “The Man”

Steph Kapela is an extremely gifted artist. When he drops bars, he does it with so much ease, switching from Swahili to English and vice versa as he deems fit and when he sings, his voice is nothing short of angelic (I’m assuming this is how angels sound lol). Having taken music classes, Kapela is much more than just a musician, he’s an artist and composer and he understands his vocal ability. While it may seem that he only recently started picking up speed, Kapela has been a musician since his high school days at Dagoretti High and started doing music professionally while abroad for further studies.

Now as we wait for Got The Sauce video to drop, Steph decided to distract us with his latest release The Man. The track features Timmy Blanco who’s also a BEAST!


On this Atwal and Kaxi produced beat, Steph fuses both singing and rapping as he states why he’s the one to watch. “Can somebody tell em who the best? Can somebody tell em not to mess with me. You should be doing more and talking less. You only get the shine when you next to me,” he starts off as he goes ahead to brag about his skills. Kapela is confident in his delivery and skills, showing that he can switch up and he isn’t like these other rappers who have the same flow year after year. He maintains that he’s way ahead of your favorite rapper and he’s so used (and tired of) to seeing artists do the same ol’ thing with their visuals.

I got these rappers on a diet juu kila siku nataka nyama choma.~ Steph Kapela (The Man)

Tumetoka mbali (yeah), bado tuko mbali (yeah), only chasing dreams na makali tafadhali (yeah) ~Steph Kapela.

Timmy Blanco reiterates Kapela’s message, showing why he’s better than any rapper you compare him to. “Name your favorite rapper I’ll go bar for bar.” This verse would definitely be incomplete without Timmy taking shots at rappers claiming that they’re King(s) of Hip-Hop yet they’re basic. “”All these rappers say they sitting on the throne, guess it’s true cause they don’t stand out.”

“But only time you’ll ever top me is when you get down and give me head.” ~Timmy Blanco (The Man)

Timmy absolutely bodied his verse and both rappers match each other’s energy and bars. The Man is perfect and is definitely a banger. If you haven’t been paying attention to Steph Kapela I suggest you catch up before the take off.

Listen to The Man below and don’t forget to like and share the record as well as drop your thoughts/comments.

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