Stefflon Don Is The Real Deal And Nairobi Should Gear Up For Her Show

Jameson Connect announced their 2018 lineup for the annual Jameson Live concert taking place on December 8 at the Water Front Karen. The lineup consists of America’s Desiigner, Bas, UK’s Stefflon Don and Local cats like Nyashinski, King Kaka and Naiboi.

Stefflon Don will be the first international headlining act to hit the Jameson live stage and she brings out a whole different level of sauce and aura.

The 27-year-Old Jamaican born, UK bred artist has had a fast rise in her career such that she’s making waves not only in the UK but also the US and the world over. What’s her unique selling point that you should be eager to catch at Jameson Live?

First off, her Music is off the chains. She combines Jamaican Patois into crisp British English Grime and honeyed vocals that give us jams like Senseless, Hurtin Me, 16 Shots and Real Ting.

Being a talented artist, she has made the whole world gravitate towards her even getting signed to Quality Control Music Label in Atalanta, the staple for the Migos. She’s had collaborations with Sean Paul, Tory Lanez, Giggs, WSTRN, Ne-Yo, French Montana, and DJ Khaled.

Stefflon projects this idea of a bad girl who is ready for anything, a celebrity who is so down to earth but all about her business. Hop on her Instagram @stefflondon and see how she has fun with her fans.

Stefflon is a beast on stage and owns the space, easily winning a crowd. She shows no fear and always ready to deliver. I think Nairobi will love her some more.

As you prepare to watch Stefflon Don on stage, download her latest album ‘Secure’ which has bangers upon bangers that she gives all dimensions of her personality. You will not be disappointed.


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