Star On The Rise: ManuhIsMe Leading The Kenyan Emorap Scene

ManuhIsMe is an independent Kenyan singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. His sound is largely Emorap with elements of Hip Hop, R&B/Soul, Trap, and Pop Punk. This singer’s growing discography boasts of 1 EP ScArS & rOsEs and 3 mixtapes hEaRtBrEaK sEaSoN, Sauce The Mixtape, and the most recent SaD iS a NeVeR. His most popular songs include Beautiful, Angst, When I am Gone, and Dying Inside to mention a few.

As the titles of his most of his songs suggest, ManuhIsMe is quite comfortable showing vulnerability through his art. Hence, most of the themes of his music revolve around topics such as love, emotions, heartbreak, and even mental health.


The Angst singer’s music harbors melodic flows to complement his melancholic subjects earning him a fanbase among Emorap lovers. Furthermore, his musical approach provides a sense of familiarity as heartbreak is a common human occurrence.

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While Emorap is still a new genre with a niche audience, ManuhIsMe seems to be a leading figure in the current era of this genre in Kenya. His most successful singles have melodic, emo-inspired compositions through which he flaunts his songwriting expertise.


The Beautiful singer says that his personal experiences are the main muse in his compositions. This is because he finds strength in his pain and vulnerability. He is dropping a new single next month as an addition to his SaD iS a NeVeR mixtape.

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