Spray For Change Project: Using the graffiti movement to spread change

If you’ve driven to JKIA airport in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed the graffiti painted walls with positive messages of peace and change. KenyanVibe recently caught up with Buddha Blaze, CEO of Spark Africa and coordinator of the Spray For Change Project to find out what its all about. Check it out:

KV: First what’s your role in Spray For change? And how did the project come about?

Blaze: Spray For Change is a campaign where graffiti artists in Nairobi will be spraying walls with futuristic messages of hope and change. I’m the coordinator and it came about by the need for graffiti artists to express themselves without being a menace to the community. So in conjunction with paint company Basco Paints (Duracoat) and Idea Company Squad Digital part of the Scan Group of companies.

KV: What’s the mission of the project? What do you guys hope to accomplish at the end of the day?

Blaze: The mission of the project comes at a time when politicians are dirtying walls with all the vote for me, vote for me. The idea is that artists will spread messages of change instead of vote for me. Mission of the project is to beautify Nairobi with great graffiti art while at the same time spreading a positive a message.

KV: We see you guys just did JKIA airport, are you guys planning to do any other locations & where?

Blaze: Yeah we started with JKIA because our sponsor who is Basco Paints owns that hoarding, we shall be spraying all other hoarding that they own across the country.

KV: Has graffiti in the Nairobi scene been accepted as a visual art form for self- expression & spreading of messages or do people still look at it as entertainment but nothing to be taken too seriously?

Blaze: Graffiti is becoming an everyday thing right now thanks to the artists that are spearheading it.

KV: Who are the graffiti artists involved on the project?

Blaze: The graffiti artists involved in this project are Uhuru B, Bankslave, Bhupi (Wise 2), Swift, Smoky, Kerosh, Tyso and Esen,  Felok.

Thanks for taking time to talk to us Blaze, we appreciate it.

Photos courtesy of Buddha Blaze

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