Spotify Celebrates Kenyan & East African Music With New Playlists

Music streaming giant Spotify has created three additional playlists to celebrate Kenyan and East African music in general. The playlists which are 254 Flow, Eastern Vibes, and Zilizopendwa are part of the streaming app’s efforts to showcase the diversity of East African music.

254 Flow which adapts its name from Kenya’s international dialling code will feature the best of Kenyan Hip Hop. The playlist will highlights the finest barz, beats, and rhymes. Furthermore, it will be comprised of both established artists and upcoming acts. Targeting 18-24 year olds, the playlist will be updated every two weeks.

Eastern Vibes playlist on the hand will be a showcase of alternative music from across East Africa. People in their 20s are the target audience for this playlist. It will also highlight both underground alternative and new wave singers. Eastern Vibes will be updated weekly.

The third and final playlist Zilizopendwa will pay tribute to Kenyan classics from the 80s and 90s. The genres in this playlist will include Rhumba, Rock-Rhumba, Chakacha, and Benga. Targeting people aged between 35 to 54, Zilizopendwa will feature artists from Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo and will be refreshed monthly.

According to Spotify, all the playlists will showcase different artists on their respective covers on rotation basis. The playlists will also be available on both Spotify Freemium and Premium. Since launching in Kenya in February this year, Spotify has been committed to curating playlists for the Kenyan market while celebrating its artists. The latest three playlists are just part of Spotify’s growing library of regional artists.

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