Spice Up Your Next Hip Hop Playlist With These Dope Kenyan Cyphers

A Hip Hop cypher is when a group of rappers takes turns in an improvised rap session in which they keep the musical flow as they jam together. Cyphers have been there for a while and have played a significant role in the rise of underground Hip Hop culture by giving a platform to uprising Hip Hop artistes.

Most Hip Hop fans can agree that lyrical spontaneity and flow are a huge part of what makes a cypher popular. With the Kenyan Hip Hop scene bursting with amazing talent, some popular cyphers such as the Khaligraph’s Khali Cartel series have been used to elevate uprising rappers to higher recognition status by showcasing their talents. Below are more amazing Kenyan cyphers to spruce up your next Hip Hop playlist:

The Khaligraph Jones Presents Cypher

Rapper Khaligraph has used his status severally to elevate other rappers. Through this cypher, the Champez hitmaker cast the spotlight on singer and rapper Ridiq, Music producer and rapper Ares66, and Wakadinali Group members Domani and Scar. While Ridiq flaunted his Reggaeton rap, Domani and Scar came through with their lyrical and fast style of rapping. Ares66 slowed down his verse with a signature slow rap style making this cypher the perfect combination.

The People’s Choice Cypher

A legendary cypher, this one features Coolagang Members Kapela and Wyzle and other rappers Ace The Don, Young Haze, Black Militia, GNX, Shukid, Khaligraph, and Oxido (Oksyde). The simple and slow tempo of the beat made the great base for the rappers’ equally slow but bold and rhyming rap.

Hennessy Cypher 2.0

This cypher is the 2nd edition of the Hennessy Cypher Series. Produced by respected producer Timworks, its fire beat was layered with rap verses from Hip Hop stars Boutross, Monski, Xtatic, Rekles, and Elisha Elai. The distinctive trumpets in this beat, the bars on bars in the verses, and its colorful visuals give this cypher an edge.


The Rong Cypher

The kings of Kenya’s underground Hip Hop came through on this one. This cypher is a gem as Scar and Domani definitely outdid themselves. Their bold lyrics on Ares 66’s beat are out of this world and set them apart from their peers. Coupled with its simple but well-shot music video, this cypher should be already on your Hip Hop playlist.

254Low Cypher Vol 2

Bringing together Camp Mulla’s Taio Tripper, B.L.C’s Smooth Poet and MuthaLand’s Babu and Uneek and DJ Crème on the decks, this one is yet another dope Kenyan cypher. It has all the components of a good cypher: a fire beat, lyrical bars, and a smooth flow. To top all that up, its music video features amazing Grafitti art from celebrated artist, Bank Slave.

Avoid Those People

This playlist would be incomplete without this track. Off Wakadinali’s album Victims Of Madness, Avoid Those People is packed with some of Kenya’s best Hip Hop acts: Wakadinali members Domani, Sewersydaa and Scar, Boutross, Breeder LW, Abbas Kubaff, Elisha Elai, and Dyana Cods. It is a certified banger, so add it to that playlist already.

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