South meets East: New Zaki Ibrahim track produced by Wawesh


Go Widdit, Zaki Ibrahim’s latest song and now a charting favorite on South African urban radio, is a breezy call to action, a flirtatious beckoning to ride the tide and have fun doing it.

Zaki was in Nairobi on a press engagement when she landed in the company of some of the country’s biggest music names there. One of them was pioneering producer Robert Wawero, aka Wawesh. In just one recording session they had written a few songs intended for her current album Every Opposite, including Go Widdit.

“I fell in love with the artistry and energy in Kenya,” remembers Ibrahim. “There’s a confident, precise sound there that helped me to approach this song with a light heart. Listening to Kenyan musicians definitely inspired my record.”

Go Widdit is a by-product of the kind of cross-cultural exchanges between artists from this continent adding to the world-wide buzz around 21st century African music. It’s a great time to be a young African music artist as Wawesh remarks: “There are a lot of exciting sounds and ideas making their way to the fore now. So much is happening within the continent alone and the major international players are now paying attention. The possibilities are endless.”

To complement this sentiment of optimism, up-and-coming director Zandi Tisani, along with director of photography Liam Lynch, has crafted a brash, sexy and colourful visual throwback to the 90s in this video which casts Johannesburg dance troupe VINTAGE.

Yet another remarkable video, continuing what has become a tradition for Zaki, it combines stark design elements and dance, and the result is a fresh approach to the African pop video.

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