Sound Cloud and Nyege Nyege Announce Projects Ft Boutross and Other East African Underground Acts

The fast-rising East African underground movement will take center stage in Sound Cloud’s series “Scenes” and a new album release with the Nyege Nyege Collective.

The next episode of Sound Cloud’s music discovery series coming out this week will be about the East African underground music scene and the role Nyege Nyege has played in it. They will also be a first in the series album release tiles “Music for the Eagles”.

As a global platform for connectivity, collaboration, and community, SoundCloud plays a unique role in spotlighting next-gen music landscapes. In SCENES: East African Underground”, and on the album, we will get to hear about how the artists from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania find each other on the platform and at the festival.

“Nyege Nyege and SoundCloud share a love for underground music and community building,” says Derek Debru, co-founder of Nyege Nyege. “’Music for the Eagles’ is both music that engages audiences into new sonic territories and also an opportunity for many emerging artists to get a formidable spotlight to further their career and engage with global audiences.”

The artists include: bass-heavy trailblazer Kampire; Genre-bending, globally celebrated DJ Slikback; MC Aunty Rayzor; sonic sound producer KMRU; Kampala-based label, collective, and Nyege Nyege Festival co-founder Derek Debru; and, US-based artist and advocate for the movement Suzi Analogue.

“East Africa is bubbling with so much music right now, that’s why I wanted to mash-up my hip hop vibe with Nairobi’s metal sound.” says MC Yallah.

“Music for the Eagles” features exclusive works from local heroes, and introduces up-and-coming talents representing a variety of unique genres.

Nairobi-based rapper, singer and producer Boutross is one of the artists featured in the album as well as traditional adungu and nanga harp master and singer, Otim Alpha and Tanzanian producer Jay Mitta, with his unique take on the sound of singeli.

The album also introduces up and coming talents like Kenyan future-pop artist KABEAUSHÉ, Ugandan grime, hip-hop and punk master MC Yallah, and features artists beyond East Africa including Durban’s Phelimuncasi with their signature style of Gqom, along with many more from a diverse range of underground scenes.

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