Soulful Singer Noel Nderitu Excited About His Upcoming Single, ‘You Are’

Noel Nderitu is the heart and mind behind of Men of Soul, a platform where talented and differently skilled men get together and perform some soulful content. Speaking to the KenyanVibe Noel shared excitedly on his latest video release ‘You Are’.

“‘You Are’ is an upbeat song about who God is and why we ought to align ourselves to the reality of His Being and character as opposed to blindly following culture even when it is setting us on a destructive path,” said Noel.

The video, produced by his wife is set to be released on the 6th of October on Noel’s YouTube Channel.

In sharing his inspiration behind the song, Noel said that he felt it was time to share something upbeat after all the challenging experiences people have had to deal with in 2020. “So much changed seemingly overnight, this just lets us understand the highly unpredictable nature of life,” he added.

Noel adds that in working on this single, he intends to communicate to the viewer and the listener that the voice of culture should not be louder than the voice of God.

 Check out the video on his YouTube Channel: Noel Nderitu

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