Soulful Kick Off To December, With Lahani!

There’s always something pretty magical about a fresh voice; a fresh sound. And it’s something that the musical experience known as Lahani does so well – allow unique, talented musicians to own their space of the stage.

Curated by Kibali Muriithi, Lahani is back to kick off December in style, throwing the spotlight on emerging musical artists and allowing the audience to engage with those artists in a very personal way.

Here are the artists who will be taking to the stage this coming Friday (1st December) at the Simba Corp’s Aspire Centre!

AcouSlyk is arguably the most prominent finger-style guitarist in Kenya. You will find him on stage or in the confine of YouTube deftly playing his guitar with utmost concentration and guru-like precision.  AcouSylk’s charm, intelligence, soft-spoken nature and ocean-deep musical gifting has made him a cut above the rest. He has shared the stage with the who’s who of the Nairobi musical scene, and has held his own effortlessly.

Aula is an artiste collective consisting of Kibali, Mostin, AcouSlyk, and occasionally Chris Masika, Lelli Mandela and Zushi.

The name means ‘the best of’, in Swahili, which denotes the collective’s desire to transcend limits and be legendary in their own right. Aula’s songs are abloom anecdotes, traversing human emotions told in a mélange of genres, languages and styles. Their sound is a mix of RnB, Soft Rock, Bongo infusions and Taarab-esque melodies. Kibali is the founder of Lahani.

Meryl Paige describes her music as deep, poetic and a honest reflection of the everyday human condition. A Sauti Academy alumnus, she has grown in leaps and bounds since her musical genesis and is now a seasoned performer and events’ organizer.

Daniel Onyango is an artist who focuses on fusion of the old and new, where modern sounds are interspersed with chants, Dholuo-tinged melodies and other percussive instruments. He layers his songs with flutes, saxophones and guitars with the help of his band and this is what makes his music delectable.

Serro has an ethereal, almost quaint quality to her voice that makes it angelic. It is said that she was named after a serene stream, which explains why her voice has many hues likes water. Stillness, warmth, power and a vapor-like soaring soprano are just some of the metaphors that encapsulate her dulcet tones.

Advance tickets for this week’s event will go for 500 shillings, and 800 shillings at the gate.


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