Sophia Wanuna Named New Editor Broadcasting at The Standard Group

Seasoned journalist Sophia Wanuna has been named the new acting Editor Broadcasting at the Standard Group after her predecessor Peter Opondo was sacked six months into his role.

The news was made official in an internal memo making rounds on social media, despite the storm caused by Opondo after his sacking.

“Last Friday, Our Editor Broadcasting Peter Opondo left the company to pursue other interests.

I have therefore appointed Ms Sophia Wanuna to take charge as this segment of our operations until further notice.

Editorial staff are hereby notified to collaborate with Ms Wanuna for purposes of keeping pour broadcast operations and our promise to deliver quality, in-depth and timely content to consumer on course. Ms Wanuna takes charge beginning July 15, 2021” reads the internal Memo from the Editor in Chief Ochieng Rapuro.

Sophia Wanuna (@SophiaWanuna) | Twitter

Peter Opondo took to his social media pages to address the sacking, which was on the basis of ‘unsatisfactory performance’ according to the Satndard Group.

“I was sacked! Life isn’t all about highs, sometimes it’s about lows. We rarely talk about our lows, so let me share mine. This past week, the Standard Group PLC sacked me. I have worked for many employers over the past 20 years…it is the first time I am terminated for “unsatisfactory performance”.

There was no formal appraisal or feedback, there was no documentation or minutes about my alleged performance shortcomings, there was never discussion with or feedback from my boss, there was no PIP. Just a sacking letter. The HR honcho just told me my boss didn’t think I was the right person for the job. Fair enough, every boss is entitled to their own opinion. What about facts?” reads Part of Peter Opondo’s post.

Speculations have however been spiked online by Robert Alai who alleged that Opondo was sacked following the interview with Deputy President William Ruto.

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