Sony Music signs Kenyan artist Xtatic


21-year-old Gloria Mecheo, better known as Xtatic, has snapped up a multi-million shilling deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa, who have named her as ‘one of the most promising’ artists to come out of Africa recently.

Xtatic, whose video ‘Prep Track’ has been doing the rounds since March is being managed by Sony Music and ROCKSTAR4000, who are intent on putting her firmly on the African musical map.

She is the second female hard core rapper to make it big from East Africa, after Stella Mwangi aka STL, who is signed up by EMI Norway.

In a statement on the ROCKSTAR4000 website, Sony Music Entertainment Africa reveals that Xtatic will drop a fresh new single from her debut ‘full-length’ album by the end of the month.

‘WILD!’ is due to hit the airways in the next two weeks, the statement reads.

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