Sondeka Awards Announces Submissions 

Sondeka awards’ known for recognizing creatives that might not be represented in typical award shows have announced calls for submissions.

The ceremony in its third edition is open to nominations from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 

Announcing the opening of the submissions, Sondeka wrote, 

” Submit your creative work for the Sondeka Awards 2021 and get recognized for it in 3 countries!” 

Sondeka 2023 Categories 

Creatives in 12 different categories can make submissions. 

The categories include ‘Best Creative Collective’ recognizing artists, writers, musicians, designers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals who work together to produce a common goal.

Digital Art is another category in the award show,  acknowledging Art made using digital technology, including images done completely on a Computer or hand-drawn images scanned into a computer and finished using a software program. 

Poetry, short films, spoken word, Live music, and Contemporary/Traditional Art are other categories on Sondeka awards. 

Other categories are short stories, podcasts, disruptive music videos, experimental DJS, experimental music, Online Content Creators, and Best Game/App Developer. 

Sondeka Awards Judges

The Awards judged by a panel of professionals in the creative industry will see …

Adrian Jankowiak, the founder of Nairobi Design Week and host of the Afrika Design podcast, Liz Kilili, founder and director of Creatives Garage and Feysal Anthony Nair, a filmmaker join judging panel. 

Other judges are actor Muthoni Gathecha and seasoned Kenyan Creative Strategist Wambui JL.

Sondeka Awards Terms 

The Deadline for the submissions is 17th March 2023. 

Work submitted must have been created between April 2020 and April 2021 unless otherwise indicated.