Sold Out ‘TTNT 4’ Leaves Wakavinye More Than Proud, Thankful

Couple Njugush and his wife Wakavinye were recently reduced to tears after seeing a sold-out crowd gather at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) to support their show, ‘Through Thick and Thin‘.

The event took place at KICC’s Tsavo Ball Room on May 27 and marked the fourth show in the series, following the tremendous success of their previous three performances.

In an emotional statement, Wakavinye gave an emotional statement thanking the 3000 fans for their attendance, sharing some of the challenges they had while setting up the show.

Reacting to their recent win, close friend Abel Mutua said that the two made history with their fourth show considering their past.

“I know guys, it looks like a political rally. But this right here is God’s Grace extended to A Boy from Ngûriû Nditû Primary and a Babe from Makutano Boarding. History was made yesterday. It scares me to imagine where we are headed. Shout out to each and every one of you who came through. KICC imekuwa Ndogo. Kasarani incoming. Good Job,” he said.

‘TTNT 4’ also comes just days after their fully packed show in the UK where they didn’t expect a huge fan base but went on to surpass expectations.

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