Sol Generation Tops Royalty Earnings In Latest KAMP Distribution

Sauti Sol’s record label, Sol Generation, has emerged as the leading earner in the recent royalties distribution by the Kenya Association of Music Producers (Kamp).

On Tuesday, June 11, Kamp distributed KSh 8,050,170 to its 1,600 record label members, marking the second distribution of the first quarter. The top earner received KSh 1,221,607, while the second and third highest earners received KSh 734,723 and KSh 697,163, respectively.

Despite withholding the names of the top earners due to an embargo requested by the members, Kamp assured that a full report, including names and amounts paid, would be submitted to the Kenya Copyright Board for accountability.

“The respective members have asked us not to disclose their names but we will be submitting the full report with names and amounts paid to all members to the Kenya Copyright Board as we are required to account for all monies collected and distributed,” stated Kamp’s board chairperson, Angela Ndambuki.

However, sources within Kamp have exclusively revealed to Nairobi News that Sol Generation is indeed the top earner in this distribution.

In April, Kamp announced plans to distribute KSh 17,128,000 for the first quarter of 2024. Ndambuki explained the distribution process, noting that the royalties would be allocated through a hybrid system of general and scientific distributions. Of the total amount, KSh 9.075 million was distributed generally to all members, and KSh 8.05 million was allocated scientifically.

“The amount of KSh 8,050,170.20 being released today is the balance of what was declared at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on April 5, 2024. KSh 9,075,873.00 has already been paid out to our members, leaving the balance of KSh 8,050,170.20. This amount has been split in two to cover local members, with the remaining 50% to be distributed to our international affiliates through agreements with international record labels,” the statement explained.

With the completion of the first quarter distribution, Kamp is now focusing on launching legal action against the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) for denying it an operating license despite meeting all requirements. Kamp argues that KECOBO’s decision to issue the license to PAVRISK was based on a clarification issue.

“In the case of PRISK and PAVRISK, in a letter dated May 13, 2024, the Regulatory Board stated that PRISK/PAVRISK had not paid all actors and many musicians in 2023. In 2024, at the time of the license application and to date, PRISK/PAVRISK had again not paid any royalties to any members. So how did PAVRISK emerge as the best-placed CMO to handle distribution for all creatives?” Kamp CEO Maurice Okoth questioned members in a WhatsApp group.

As Kamp navigates these legal challenges, Sol Generation’s top-earning status highlights the label’s significant impact and success within Kenya’s music industry.

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