Social Media Ablaze With Tekno’s Not So Epic Performance In Nairobi

11 September of 2017 by

The Wave monster show went down at the Ngong Race Course Water Front Saturday night and it took all twists and turns. The hyped event was a celebration of Afro beats and the organizers flew in Nigerian producer and chat topping hits star, Tekno Miles.

The show started really early with Dj mixes from Dj Kace, Roy Teeboy, Dj Creme and of course star Mcs like Amina, Fundi Frank, Hype Balo, and they did a pretty decent job of hyping and warming up the crowd. the show pulled a decent audience as the major act has had his fair play of his hits in the 254.

Performances from local acts were polite, Le Band, Fena, The Kansoul, Camp Mulla and Redsan all hit that stage and did their thing. All this time, the crowd was yearning for the main act.

At 3 am, Slim Daddy aka Tekno Miles hits the stage clad in a Maasai Shuka, White coat, and black pants. His intro Jam was a 2017 hit single, ‘Be‘ but was on Cd playback not on the band. Dj Creme was backing his set. He went on to perform Samantha, then Go, all on Playback. The band was of little or no use as the man fancied to sing his own songs. Teknow went on

The band was of little or no use as the man fancied to sing his own songs. Teknow went on performing for about 30 minutes or so, at some point, the sound was so off when the Dj was playing two songs at the same time. The music stopped, Words exchanged, and the song ‘Duro’ plays again. The crowd went on to jeer him off. Tekno’s last song on stage was ‘Rara‘ before he walked away ignoring some ladies twerking for him.

Since the 254 has been schooled musically, they did not take Tekno’s 30 minutes on dah stage lightly. They took to Social media to rant and speak of the ill treatment at the concert. Sample some of the top comments below.


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