Sneezes And Snorts: Home Remedies That Work!

I hate flu, passionately for that. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, cramps my style and let’s face it, flu now comes with stigma thanks to Covid. Sadly, unlike other illnesses that have a cure, you can only bear it out with influenza.

So how do you enhance your comfort during this discomfort and also successfully kick this monster’s ass?

Load up on your vitamin C

Squeeze those lemons and destroy those oranges. If you have access to some Vitamin C supplements then go ahead and dissolve a tab in some warm water as it will do you some good. Vitamin C is an immune booster and a great antioxidant both of which help in reducing the severity of a cold. Actually, why not load up this amazing nutrient to keep the cold at bay? Defense is the best offense.

  • Get moving

While I know this is the last thing you feel like doing, physical activity will do great. A recent discussion with someone Doctor Mumelo revealed that Covid patients who exercised regularly recovered faster. Go ahead get sweating for some much-needed dopamine and healing.

  • Humidity is your friend

Aim for humidity on all fronts. Hydrate on warm teas and soak up some steam. Humidifiers work great but so does a good old bowl of hot water and towel. This will give you some sinus relief and also clear up congestion real fast. Remember we are working at maximum comfort and relief. No more stuffy noses and pursed lips.

  • Rest

Don’t forget to rest up, I promise the world won’t collapse just because you put in a few extra hours of sleep. The body is working overtime to kick the bug out, help it and take the much-needed chill pill.

Most importantly, please seek medical advice should your symptoms persist. Home remedies are by no means a replacement but a complement to medical intervention.

Stay healthy, won’t you!

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