Hey Sneaker Heads, There’s A Conference You Shouldn’t Miss

For anyone who calls himself a sneaker head, there’s an event that you shouldn’t even thinking about missing on Jamhuri Day which is Dec 12th at The Alchemist.

Dubbed Sneaker Conference Kenya and started earlier this year in August, this the best avenue for sneaker lovers to buy, sell and trade some of the most sought after footwear in the Kenyan market.

The sneaker culture in Kenya has grown tremendously as shown by the rise of sneaker brands in the 254; Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma and the local sneaker manufacturers – Enda Sportswear Sneaker.

Fans have a lot to experience at the event because first, all the sneakers you get there are legit, you’re literally spoiled for choice because of the wide range of sneaker vendors to shop from (feel free to pick as many pairs as you want, BTW… just as long as you can pay for them!), you  get to talk to guys like you and to add on to that there’s good music and food!


Vendors are allowed to bring their own merch so that they can make some money too. They’re divided into three main groups:

  • Major Brands/Franchises

Which will consist of major brands or franchisees of major brands

  • Small Scale Traders

The second group will consist of local traders within the shoe industry who are well known for selling authentic sneakers.


  • Individuals.

This group consists of individuals who simply have a pair or two that they wish to trade or sell to the attendees of the event



•One Too Many Pairs- They deal with the rarest Nike Air Max

•RRony- the guru of premium sneakers. From Jays to Air Force 1s, he is the go to guy for all new releases.
•Sole Republik brings you the freshest kicks. They focus on comfortable sneaker and of course, they have to be 100% legit.


Sneaker conference KE- the official section for all the latest sneaker heat. The umbrella for all sneaker vendors, they inform the public about the trends and history of different sneaker brands

•Bobby’s Sneakerbox rumored to have the biggest collection of Air Jordans thus far.

Vendors as well as patrons are allowed to trade sneakers with each other once they agree on the terms of trade. A section is designated for those who would like to swap or trade their sneakers during the event.

If you have some sneaks you would like to sell or trade under the third category (or any other for that matter), all you gotta do is call these numbers: Klein 0723 789 289, Richie 0721 882 328  or send an email to info@greenlantern.co.ke.

You gotta hurry though because Monday isn’t too far away, you know?


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