Slowli Celebrates Inaugural Flagship Store Opening at Nairobi’s Village Market

Nairobi’s Village Market recently witnessed the grand opening of Slowli’s inaugural flagship store, marking a significant milestone for the brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion and local empowerment.

Founded on the principles of ethical craftsmanship and eco-conscious practices, Slowli is at the forefront of the “Buy Kenya Build Kenya” movement, redefining the norms of sustainable fashion.

Slowli, a brainchild of dedicated founders Tanya Martin and Pinky Ghelani, isn’t merely about fashion; it’s a profound mission aimed at uplifting local communities and preserving the environment.

This remarkable brand is on a quest to source all its raw materials and manufacture its products exclusively within East Africa. By doing so, it not only supports local businesses and individuals but also significantly reduces its environmental impact.

Mrinalini Agnihotri, the visionary Founder of Slowli, emphasized, “Our flagship store is a testament to the seamless fusion of fashion, community, and environmental stewardship. It is not just a retail space but a profound statement of our unwavering commitment to Kenya and its abundant resources.”

Slowli’s popularity stems from its steadfast dedication to producing 100% Made in Kenya apparel, nurturing local artisans, utilizing indigenous fabrics, and collaborating with renowned Kenyan artists. This unique blend of comfort and sustainability resonates with discerning women who proudly embrace high-quality, ethically crafted attire adorned with the “Made in Kenya” label.

During the store’s grand opening, Slowli unveiled its “100% Made in Kenya Collection,” reinforcing its enduring commitment to local craftsmanship and sustainability. From the cotton fields of Kenya to the final product, every step of the production process underscores Slowli’s promise to support local communities and minimize its ecological footprint.

The brand’s remarkable designs are the brainchild of renowned Kenyan designer Kulula, whose distinctive artistic vision further enriches Slowli’s already exceptional product line.

In essence, Slowli’s inaugural flagship store in Nairobi marks a significant step towards a future where fashion, community, and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously.

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