Sky Girls Unveil Season 2 Of Teen Mini-Drama Series ‘Paa – Born To Fly’

Sky Girls’ Teen drama series Paa – Born To Fly is back for season 2 this January. This follows a successful season 1 which was aired in March last year. The program’s popularity earned it a coveted Kalasha 2022 nomination under the Best Viewer’s Choice award category. Paa season 1’s storyline revolved around the lives of 3 teenage students Lydia, Talia, and Neema.

Paa season 2 chronicles the day-to-day life of the teenage characters living in the bustling capital city. The storyline captures their everyday challenges. Additionally, it explores themes of social pressure, sexual harassment, bullying, self-identity crisis, and HIV/AIDS.

Starring an all-star Kenyan ensemble, the first 2 episodes are now available on Sky-Girls Kenya’s Youtube channel . New episodes are also available every Saturday and Sunday on Citizen TV at 6:30 pm. This new season aims to inspire teenage girls to make positive life choices while staying true to themselves. Paa season 2 boasts a seasoned production team. Written by Davina Leonard, soundtracked Emma Cheruto, and produced by Johny (Cash) Musingo through his production house An Outbox ventures.

Paa Crew

“After the reception of ‘Paa – Born To Fly’ Season 1, we knew the girls of Kenya needed a Season 2; this time we get to know a different group of young adults in a different part of Nairobi. Everyone making this series has said the same thing in different ways: “I wish I had had Paa to watch when I was growing up.” Noted, the season script writer Davina Leonard. “The people in PAA Season 2 have different stories and struggles but the heart of the initiative remains: Stay True To You, no matter how hard that can sometimes be.” She further added.

Since its inception in 2020, Sky Girls Kenya has been on a mission to connect, educate and inform teenage girls between the ages of 12-19 years within greater Nairobi. The movement also has bases in other African countries such as Ghana, Botswana, Zambia, and Ivory Coast.

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