Skeem: A Cult Classic Crime Comedy Waiting to Happen!

By Monica Obaga, 

Skeem is a comedic romp that follows two unlucky wannabe gangsters that have to deliver a million dollars in cash. Their car breaks down on the way to the drop and they have to spend the night in a creepy holiday resort. When the money spills all over the hotel driveway, all their new neighbors notice!

South African comedian Kurt Schoonrad and ‘Hear Me Move’ star Wandile Molebatsi are the bumbling gangsters. Kurt’s brash confidence and Wandile’s bumbling naïveté make the perfect odd couple!

The gangsters are sitting ducks at the resort. The characters range from a bankrupt former millionaire, loser stoners, three generations of Claudes and even girls on a bachelorette weekend and they all have a special interest in the money.

The film is reminiscent of the comedies that include films such as ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and ‘Rat Race.’  The writing is great, with an exciting pace, colorful characters and great gags.

The story structure is pretty much perfect. The main plot is like a video game, with everyone trying to outwit the other and get to the money first and the bunglers trying to protect it. A secondary plot, a sweet romance develops keeping the pace interesting!

This film is ripe to become a cult classic. It’s incredibly well written, hilarious and full of heart.

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