Singleton Throws A Grand Dinner Party To Launch New Varieties In Kenya

Like delicious food that we savour bite by bite, single malt or any whisky should be enjoyed at no rush. Whiskies always have a story, and with three bottles of Singleton Single Malt Whiskies to discover over a fancy four-course dinner, we were in for both a treat and a deeper understanding of the brand.

In the past, we have enjoyed the 12 Y.O Singleton over brunch, fashion shows and music festivals like Koroga but for the special occasion that was the introduction of two new varieties – the 15 Y.O and the 18 Y.O.; dinner seemed like the best way to go.

The Singleton and Movenpick Hotel & Residences hosted hotel, bar and restaurant managers and owners and other guests to an exclusive whisky tasting and grand dinner with Diageo’s Global Scotch brand ambassador Tom Jones. At the elaborate gourmet dinner, we could truly take in the flavour profile of The Singleton 15-year-old and 18-year-old, which we would recommend.

The Meals

First course:a roasted cauliflower veloute cream soup and crispy pistachio biscotti; which offered a great warm-up for the dinner.

The starter was pan-seared salmon sashimi, with black sesame, green apple sticks, orange-mint honey emulsion, roasted hazelnut dust and microgreens. This was paired with The Singleton 12-year-old. This meal was one of the favourites of the evening.

The main course was a beef tenderloin with oyster mushroom saute, arrowroots, mascarpone puree, jelly of pear, grilled asparagus, dark chocolate and a one-of-a-kind Barolo reduction wine sauce. This was paired with The Singleton 15-year-old. The 15-year variant is aromatically drawn with a Toffee apple fragrant punctuated with honeycomb and hints of spice with underlying fruity cereal notes. It draws in the taste buds with sweet malty and oat tones with a feel of fresh fruit and a drying floral spiciness. For those who stayed away from the beef, a ravioli stuffed with spinach and roasted ricotta almonds and porcini sauce was dished up!

The dessert featured a chocolate Danduja, berry sorbet, caramelized walnuts, vanilla and sweet caramel parfait, butterscotch sauce and cocoa dust. This was paired with The Singleton 18-year-old. The 18-year variant taps out an aroma of Soft roasted nuts, fragrant wood and stewed fruit punctuated by smooth vanilla and toffee fragrant. It draws in the palate with a dark toffee, mint and apple juice taste punctuated by almond and a hint of cocoa biscuits.

Tom Jones who is a gifted speaker and a lowkey comedian took us all through the meals telling us more about how each variety is made and why they paired it as such. He was a joy to watch and listen to before digging into the incredible food the team at Movenpick had put together.

A few words of wisdom from the whisky man that are worth sharing; age is an easier way to differentiate whiskies for a new consumer and Singelton whiskies should be enjoyed however you wish!! 

Unlike other single malts, Singleton’s taste does not limit customer preference enabling them to mix it with their dilatants of choice and experience the drink as either a cocktail, mixer, with ice or on its own. Singleton has cut a niche for itself with its tagline ‘Unapologetically Enjoyed’ which means that unlike other Single Malts that recommend that the drink be served dry or on ice but not diluted with mixers, it can be enjoyed based on customer preference without diluting its taste. As such customer preference only act to enhance taste.


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