Singer Yaba On Merging Two Generations With His Debut Album ‘Zitakazopendwa’

An emerging sound in the Kenyan Music scene Yagga has been making waves in the industry.

The singer released his debut album ‘Zitakazopendwa’ merging old and new sound, whilst collaborating with legends in the industry on the project including Bien, Mejja, King Kaka, Brian Sigu, Femi 1, Boutross, Savara and Coster Ojwang, H_art the Band and Ayrosh – and we caught up with him.

Who is Yabba

My name is simply Yabba the prince of Rhumbacane.

You can call me anything you want but do not forget I am the prince of Rhumbacane.  

What is Rhuma Kane?

Rhumba Kane is the fusion of Trap, Hip Hop, Benga, and Rhumba itself, so for me, it’s about joining the two generations.

Remember my album is called ‘Zitakazopendwa’ and there’s Zilizopendwa already exists, so for me, it’s all about joining the two generations.

The singer said he feels like there has always been a gap, but since people like the sound, it is easier to relate to it, so for him, it’s just adding a touch of Sheng, Kiswahili, and Sherehe lifestyle to Rhumba.

Rhumba is known as a genre that originated from Central Africa, why did you decide to go into the Rhumba lane?

It’s all about being Unique because if we all produce the same thing, no one will ever stand out.

Yabba added, “We need a style of music that we can identify our people with.”

“For me, Zitakazopendwa is not just about the name, it’s about predicting the future.” He said.

“It is something that we are doing now, but 20 years from now, they will be the Zilizopendwa from now.”

He added, “I feel like everything everyone is doing from Gengetone to Urban tone, in 20 – 30 years, they will be the old school music, we are all going to be legends.”

The album which was released on 11th of November 2023 has had good reception, and he revealed he worked on a strategy, releasing a single at a time for the last three months and he is set to release the next single with Femi 1 called, ‘Hii Ni Form” on the 8th of March.

The singer revealed the entire album will be out on the 12th of April as he is working on the videos.

Yaba on his growth in the industry

Speaking about his growth in the industry, Yabba revealed that working with legendary artists like Savara and partnering with brands such as Kenya Kane shows him that he is doing something that people can notice.