Singer Piston wrote Gracious Amani’s ‘Sitasahau’ hit, Impressed by her music IQ

At only 13 years, Gracious Amani has managed to wow not only Kenyans but the world with her breathtaking voice. In the process, she got a thumbs up from American singer Alicia Keys and a Ksh. 2.5 Million record deal from Pine Creek Records to kickstart her career.

Her debut “Sitasahau” has proved to Kenyans that she’s truly talented and that the viral clip of her singing Alicia Key’s “Girl on Fire” was nothing close to a fluke.

Gospel singer Peterson Githinji AKA Piston, in an interview with The Star, shared that Kenyans have however only seen the tip of the mountain. Once the clouds clear and she settles in, they might truly witness her real power.

“That girl is awesome and talented, and I know she is going far,” said Piston who wrote Sitasahu for her after she joined Pine Creek Records.

“I wrote that song and she only took two days to master it. I am going to write more songs for her then later, I will do a collaboration with her.”

Sitasahu has impressed many, by far, and Pine Creek Records owner Peter Nduati isn’t regretting the move from the look of things. The label, however, is not getting comfortable. It’s closely monitoring her content.

In an era where gospel songs have been watered down to catchy viral, trendy words to match rival club hits, Piston promised that Amani’s music will always have some meat.

“I do not want her to join this current culture of doing music without content,” he said in the interview. 

“We can only change upcoming artistes but not the ones who are already in music. Let them not take the kind of music that is cheap, average and without content but choose the good content so we can change the name and even give Kenyan gospel music a good name. Watu waache kufikiria Kenya ni ya jokers.”

Watch Sitasahu below:


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