Singer Naiboi Reveals Nyashinski Urged Him To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram

Singer Naiboi has revealed that the reason why he doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram and pressure has a lot to do with it.

Pressure to keep up with the Jones.

Naiboi shared that there was a time he was caught up with looking at other entertainers’ success which left rather depressed.

“There was a time around last year before I released 2 in 1, I was addicted to my phone so nikiamka asubuhi, Instagram because natry kuangalia Diamond amefanya nini ama Davido amefanya nini, Wizkid… like what’s going on. I was doing this every day,” said the singer who has just released a new song dubbed “Black” with Nyashinski.

“It was a habit such that it was automatic to check my phone. And it was depressing. I got frustrated. Because my music wasn’t working, I wanted to punish myself by seeing what others were doing even if it’s not right.”

One day he spoke to Nyanshinski about the issue who advised him to stop keeping up by unfollowing everyone.

“Mbona unajifanyia hivo? Kama hii ndio shida si uwachane nayo,” Nyanshinki told him.

Which he did and has never looked back. He now only follows two people on Instagram; his son and another account which is business-related.

“Right now I’m at peace,” he says.

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