Singer Liboi Drops Debut EP ‘State Of Being’

Singer and filmmaker Liboi released her debut EP, ‘State of Being’ at an exclusive listening party. The music and film hyphenate entertained her audience with exhilarating live performances of both her EP songs and past releases.


State of Being EP is the home to 6 tracks which are Miale, Soulfight, Ukweli, Jikaze, Mwanamke, and Freedom. Liboi describes her EP as an immersive African journey of reflections in search of paradise and freedom, all from a woman’s point of view.

This EP draws influence from Liboi’s fervent passion for social change, culture, and mental wellness. According to her, the collection was inspired by 3 main things – The women in film documentary ‘Feminism Matters,’ Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoleto’s concept of ‘The Third Paradise’, and Liboi’s personal struggles.

“Fans should anticipate being immersed in an African cultural experience with some authenticity, soulfulness, vulnerability, and self-reflections. It’s a body of work that I made for my own healing as I’ve just come from a time of chaos as a creative trying to find her voice, and with so much happening in the world today, we need to take a step back and do the inner work because how we are within reflects how we are without.” Notes Liboi.

Ukweli which was the EP’s first release is an appeal to her listeners where she encourages them to be truthful and brave. Furthermore, she fiercely challenges various societal values that hinder us from being honest.

Musically, this EP is a masterpiece. It boasts thought-provoking lyrics, beautiful vocals, and top-notch production. The songs have a lot of Coastal music undertones, backed with rich African instrumentation. Additionally, Liboi not only flaunts her vocals but also her ability to convey emotion through music in all 6 songs.


State of Being EP is available on all music streaming platforms.

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