Singer Kendi Opens Up About Her Ordeal to Make A Comeback

Singer Kendi once ruled the airwaves with her single “Uko fresh”. That was seven years ago, and her effort to replicate that kind of success in 2018 turned out disastrous.

The singer tried to make a comeback under record label Mainswitch Records but things took a negative turn despite the fact that she started out by scaling down to get enough money to cushion the album launch.

“It is true I sold my car. I did both as I wanted to scale down and raise enough money to record an album but that turned out so badly after Mainswitch failed me. I am still bitter with what Philo of Mainswitch told me on the last day we met over the deal. I invested my time in studio recording songs that were never released,” she said. 

The singer, in the interview with Pulse Magazine, blamed Mainswitch’s producer Philo for all her mishaps, saying he only released one song then started frustrating her.

“To record a song, one has to part with like Sh20, 000 for audio recording and Sh250,000 for a serious video, so you can understand why artistes are giving up especially when one cannot raise such money. Mainswitch only managed to release one of my songs and when I made a follow-up, Philo was rude to me as he told me off, saying he would rather work with more promising artistes.


“From 2016 to 2018, I have nothing much to show in my music career because of all this even after I moved to a single room to cut living costs and make music.” 

According to Kendi who was signed at Calif Records early in her career, artists can’t really grow in the industry because of such cases. It demoralized her especially given that she’s a well-known name in the industry.

“I have hosted the likes of Avril, Atemi, Sanaipei Tande, Jua Cali, Jaguar and Bahati among others who have been supporting my art. At the point I wanted to give up, it was Jaguar who came looking for me and asked me to hold on. He has been such a motivation.” she said.

“This is what many Kenyan artistes go through. I have had many coming to ask for food and also ask for money as they can hardly afford to take care of basic needs. The problem is that local recording stables sign-up artistes yet they cannot afford to produce them. I even asked my new partners to try work from Mainswitch studios but Philo was unwelcoming.”

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