Singer Jay Rox Releases Kenyan-Produced EP Dubbed ‘Poetry In Motion’

Zambian singer has released a new EP dubbed “Poetry In Motion” that has been produced by legendary producers Kevin Provoke and Mandugu Digital.

Rox, who started out as a member of the hip hop group the Zone Fam in the early 2010s, teamed up with the two producers who are now working together as Umoja Sounds to drop the masterpiece.

Umoja Sounds traveled to Zambia for the recording which took two weeks in total. They’ve already released their first single dubbed “Nothing to Something” where Jay sheds light on the story of his music career’s grass-to-grace journey.

“With all my will, I try to create relatable music that will offer guidance to listeners, give them peace in any way and inspire them on a daily basis. I am grateful to those that have walked the journey with me and also brought people to be a part of my journey – this is my pride,” said Jay Rox.

Ray Rox said that his longtime relationship with the two made everything easy. The two have worked before on different projects.

“The experience was nothing short of amazing. I’ve worked with Provoke on quite a number of songs from back in the day,” he said.

“We first did a collaboration on the song “Translate” and that was the start of a stable, long-term work relationship. That track was also featured on one of Umoja Sounds EP, released in 2021. Our synergy is one-of-a-kind and working together always feels like magic.”

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