Singer Akothee Shares Her Full Body Workout Routine

Akothee’s body may be genetically trim but this doesn’t stop her from putting in the work to stay fit. While staying in her lavish home in Migori her workouts have been as frequent as ever.

The musician, businesswoman, and mother of 5 and possibly a 6th according to recent Instagram hints is in her 40s and looks amazing.

Akothee shared her well-defined abs dressed in a colourful work out bra and shorts to her 1.9 million followers urging them to join her in transforming their bodies. “Verified. 21 days of results 💪. You can’t tuck in and achieve this one, if you want it, then join me on 5 days of pure discipline. From 6.30 am to 7.30 am.”

The post caught our attention on Day 4, and the day’s workout was no joke. Madam Boss is the personal trainer we have been wishing for and her sets will definitely have you shed off calories if you stick to them. They include: 600 rope jumps, 600 hula hoops, 36 launches, 36 mountain climbers and a 6-minute stomach work out.

Anytime we see a workout video on her timeline we definitely want to join in because of how fun she makes it seem; dancing in between and ever so humorous.

From previous interviews such as her Weekend with Betty debut, we know Akothee is serious about living a healthy lifestyle and we love it.

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