Simple Ways To Tell When Your Indoor Plants Need Water

It is most likely for your houseplants to die of overwatering or failure to water them. Watering your houseplants can seem like an effortless task, yet most can forget to water them or do it the right way. It is essential to check on your houseplants at least once a week to see if they need a drink or not. 

Additionally, ensure you water your plants in the morning as opposed to the evenings. It helps the extra water on the leaves evaporate during the day when the temperatures as warmer. Here is a watering guide on how to tell when your plants need water.

Leaves will wilt, wrinkle, or the edges will curl, especially true for succulents.

The pot will be light. In some cases, such as plants potted in plastic containers, the plant tends to be very light. It’s also called weight test.

Plants quickly come out of the pot. The entire plant with intact root balls is easily removed, and soil is hardened and light in color.

Extremely dry crunchy/hard stiff soil. The soil feels compacted and stiff when a plant lacks water. It often means the soil has become hydrophobic.

The plant will droop. Leaves will look sad and feel soft/limp.

Leaves will lose color and turn light yellow.

Stunted growth. Appropriate light and correct watering are critical for optimal growth.

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