Simple Decorative Curtain Ideas for your living space

When decorating a living space, the window area is the last thing most of us think about but it’s actually an important finish touch that every space needs.

Window coverings can be functional, decorative, or both – this depends on your space and the amount of natural light you receive or prefer.

Here are some simple decorative ideas for picking out curtains to compliment the finishing of your chosen space;

Use of striking hues;

One of the striking hues known is the sunset hue; you could get patterned orange curtains to go with purple furnitures/ beddings and some purple or violet flowers.

For a cool sandy hue; try off white curtains or cream with some blue assets or vice versa. This gives you some beach house vibe.

Earth toned curtains;

Earthed toned curtains create a neutral background where the furniture and other assets of the room have a popping color. This ensures your space is well balanced.

Plain white sheer curtains;

If your lacking your desired natural light from your window, use white sheer curtains to maximize on the light. This will keep the room from being closed off.

Pom Pom hem;

While using white sheets, you might want to add a flair to the plain curtain – have a Pom Pom hem with some color for example blue. This will give your curtains an airy feel too.

Improvise items;

Use sea grass or sisal rugs to create shade at the window area and roll them up when need be. This is perfect for a more open living room or the balcony. It gives your space style and a cultural feel.

Go vintage;

Throw it back when curtain box suits were commonly used than today. You could have matching curtains with the suits or add a print to the suit like a plaid print.

Balloon shade curtains;

Balloon shades are chic and elegant. It is a Roman style to shade your window area where the curtains fall loose but have ruffles at the bottom when clipped or pulled up!

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