Simple Cost-Effective Tips To Revamp Your Home

The rooms in a house may lose their visual appeal over time thus necessitating a revamp or redecoration. While they say that a change is as good as a rest, revamping a room may be a costly affair as décor is not cheap. In case you are looking to change the appearance of your space, below are some simple and cost-effective ways to refresh and redecorate your rooms:

Repurpose and rearrange the furniture

Old furniture can be upcycled for other uses. This can be done through simple ways such as giving the piece of furniture a new use. For example, an old nightstand can be repurposed as a laundry detergent and cleaning supplies organizer. It can also be done through DIYs such as adding a fresh coat of paint, wheels, contact paper, etc. Reworking the furniture arrangement in the room can also give it a refreshed look.

Clean up and declutter

Some spaces look unappealing as they are cramped with lots of unnecessary items or are just generally untidy. Clean up, make the bed, wipe the tables, clean dishes, etc. Rearrange your items and ensure to return only those things that are useful. Remember less is more.

Wash and change your linen

Linen plays a huge factor in the appearance of a room, therefore a little change in their appearance and smell can go a long way in refreshing the room. Wash and replace the curtains, couch covers, carpets, duvets, etc. Tip: if you don’t have replacement pairs then you can wash the linen, soak in scented fabric softener and place them back once dry to also add fresh scents to the room.

Use accessories and collectables as décor

Pull out your wares and use them to decorate the space. This can be done in various ways, for example, hats and jewelry can be decoratively hanged on the walls in the bedroom, beautiful mugs can be used to decorate a coffee/tea station, pretty towels can brighten up the bathroom, etc.

Grab Some Fresh Flowers

Add fresh flowers to your empty vases and watch how their colors and scent bring a noticeable effect to the room.

Use homemade scents

Scent is a key component to the beauty of any room. If your budget can’t accommodate essential oils and scented candles, then make DIY home scents using food items such as lemons peels and rosemary. They can be left in open tins or sprayed around the house from a spray bottle.

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