INTERVIEW: Silas Miami Talks About His Latest Project ‘Disconnect’

We recently had the pleasure of a Skype interview with Silas Miami amidst his heavy schedule. Miami is a Kenyan, South Africa based Script Writer, Photographer and enormously talented Musician. We had a convo about his recent critically acclaimed project ‘DISCONNECT’

First off, who is Miami Silas?

I’m a storyteller pursuing film, photography and music, all at the same time. Currently pursuing my masters and working through Capetown, Jo’berg and Nairobi.

Your recent project,  the movie ‘Disconnect’, tell us what it’s all about?

‘Disconnect’ is a fun quirky romantic comedy that navigates through love and relationships.

What was the inspiration behind it?

‘Disconnect’ was originally written by Tosh Gitonga who gave me a call and asked for my opinion and through that, I had a chance to get onto it and hence the birth of what we have now.

What were the procedures used during casting as the film seems to have high profile actors i.e Nick Mutuma, Brenda Wairimu and many others? 

Again Tosh did the casting as I was in Capetown. I was particularly proud with the casting as most of the actors in the film I have previously worked with and I love their work ethic and talent.

How did you manage yourself between school, work and the shooting of ‘Disconnect’? 

The producers made sure I was involved in every process and my opinion on any matter was considered.

Who is your favourite local scriptwriter? And why?

Charles Ouda, the reason being he has an amazing understanding of what storytelling with intention and purpose is, and a very well thought out narrative structure that keeps his audience interested.


Shonda Rhimes, no explanation needed if you have watched Grey’s Anatomy, Private practice and How to Get Away with Murder.

Would you consider a career in film acting?


Looking at your timeline, it’s clear that you are Beyhive. What do you think of Beyonce as an actress?

I think Bey is just brilliant at everything she does. I don’t doubt her as an actress. We have seen what she did with Dreamgirls, Obsessed and lemonade.The queen is just the queen, period!

What advice would you give to young up and coming scriptwriters?

Hard work, fight mediocrity and set your standards high.


You can check out Silas Miami’s work here.



A kenyam creative who navigates through music,blogging and alternative modelling. studied music at the kenya conservatoire and film at Ranee productions.