Showmax Calls Upon Kenyans To Submit Movie/TV Show Ideas For Production

Stream Service Showmax has called upon Kenyans to submit creative and catchy movie and TV show concepts that will get a chance to be produced and featured by the online subscription video on demand service.

According to Denise Mwende, Showmax Content Specialist in East Africa, the company is looking for two projects: an original Kenyan telenovela or exciting movie proposals that offer a refreshing, creative take on the genres of mystery, thriller or crime. 

The telenovela category(soaps) should be griping and a match to the recent successful local soaps such as SelinaMariaZoraPeteKina, and Salem that have taken over Kenyan TV recently.

For the local movies, they should be 90 minutes long and have a commercial appeal.

“We’re looking for people who are critical thinkers and able to evaluate their own work and structures,” said Mwende

“We also want a team that is keen on collaboration, even if it means looking for talent beyond their own pool to create a masterpiece.”

The move comes as Showmax continues to grow its ties with Kenyan creatives and filmmakers by working with different production companies.

According to Mwende, the company is tied to growing the local film industry through partnerships with local film production companies.

“Showmax is dedicated to providing more opportunities for new and existing creatives to prove themselves, to create a diverse and rich local content slate, and to also increase our contribution in the creative economy in Kenya,” Denise says.

“In return, we hope that Kenyan audiences will appreciate the time and investment put into these productions.”

For more information on how to submit your proposal for these new projects, please visit the official Showmax submissions portal here before the closing dates.

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