Shoe_Kran #1

Known for their hit song ‘uliza kiatu’ Swahili for ask my shoe, H_art the Band are set to have their first ever major live concert on the  April 16, 2016. Shoe_Kran #1 is set to be the beginning of a series of concerts from the band and I can bet these too will be as entertaining as their songs. In one of the coolest bars and hang out joints, The Alchemist Bar, will be the venue of the event.

From their Instagram page, the three boy band promises “nothing but the best performances you have ever witnessed” as they have been practicing for over two months. That definitely guarantees you a show of lifetime but for now we’ll have to buy the tickets that are retailing at Ksh. 1000 in advance and Ksh. 1500 at the gate. And knowing that its going to be a full house, the tickets are limited so be sure to avoid disappointment of the show being sold out. and get a ticket or a couple tickets now.

Just in case you have no clue who the band consists of or what vibe they are about, have a read at our recent article, Artist Spotlight: H_art the Band.



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