Sho Madjozi To Headline Thrift Social

One of Africa’s best stage performers Sho Madjozi is set to return to Nairobi this September. The 27-year-old South African rapper, singer, actress and poet will be performing at Delta Towers on 1st of September.

Madjozi’s career is on a global eyeball after she released her latest single ‘John Cena’. The jam pays homage to the legendary wrestler John Cena and the icing on the cake is that she delivered in Swahili, transcending cultures.

The jam is getting massive airplay, innumerable social media posts home and abroad, plus stylish ‘Vosho’ dance covers. it was released on the famed ‘Color’ Youtube page.

Madjozi will hit the Thrift Social stage alongside the come-back king Nyashinski, Chris Kaiga and Alec Lomami. The night is themed as ‘Kenya Night’ and it is a perfect display of art, music and fashion. DJs on the bill include Fully Focus and Mixmaster Lenny.

Check out Thrift Social online for the ticket information but mark the calendar if you need to unwind to fantastic stage aura.

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