Shix Opens Up About Her Experience After Being Laid Off

Radio host Shix Kapeinga, in a sit-down with former Kiss FM presenter Adelle Onyango, revealed that being laid off opened her eyes and made her understand why her mum behaved in a certain manner.

Speaking on Adelle’s podcast “Legally clueless” Shix narrated that being laid off at Royal Media Services two months ago because of the Corona Virus pandemic made her realize why her mum didn’t want to take them out for fun while growing up.

“She would leave some of us behind and when you get to town and you are hungry, she would only get one packet of fries and maybe we are like three and we would share it and there was no soda,” she said.

“I would be very angry.”

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Shix lost her job at Hot 96 FM and didn’t know what to do next.

“What do I do? It is not like I have achieved what I needed to achieve at a certain age, but I’m not complaining, but it was too abrupt,” she said.

“Yes, I know I wanted to resign, call it quits, but I did not expect it too soon. I looked back to my story when I was a child, my mother could not afford to buy two packets of fries.

“That is why she would get angry when we asked her to take us to town because she wouldn’t want to get embarrassed when she cannot buy fries and we would get upset.”

The layoff has also made her appreciate life more.

“I look back and realise our parents struggled and there is a time I told my mum, I wish I knew,” she said.

“I wish I understood back then, I wouldn’t have pressured you. Because I know how it hurt her then.”

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