Shine: A Documentary Celebrating the Heart of African Football

The football documentary “Shine” proves that football is more than just a game. The popular sport is intertwined with the dedication and passion of fans who breathe life into every match. Produced by Guinness in partnership with Showmax, “Shine,” is a heartwarming 28-minute documentary. It illuminates the incredible journeys of four football enthusiasts in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Ghana. These fans go to extraordinary lengths to bring the beautiful game to their communities in the most unconventional ways.

“Shine,” written by Kenya’s Joan Rispa Kiragu and directed by Nigeria’s Nora Awolowo, is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of football fans. The film showcases the lengths to which fans will go to ensure that the game remains accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It is a tribute to the unsung heroes who transform ordinary matchdays into extraordinary experiences.

The “Shine” Cast

In Kenya, the film spotlights Toby Jakwaya, a superfan of Gor Mahia, one of the most popular football clubs in the country. Toby’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his efforts to rally support for his team are nothing short of inspiring. Whether organizing local viewing parties or creating fan merchandise, Toby embodies the true spirit of a football fan.

Known as “Chief Suo,” Tracy Chapele-Ugo is a dynamic commentator. Her lively narrations bring matches to life for fans in Nigeria. Her ability to capture the excitement of the game and convey it to her audience has made her a beloved figure in the football community. Tracy’s dedication goes beyond mere commentary; she is a catalyst for unity and enthusiasm among fans.

In Ghana, George Forson stands out as a beacon of passion. His efforts to promote local football and create opportunities for young players have had a significant impact on his community. George’s love for the game is evident in his tireless work to nurture and celebrate football talent at the grassroots level.

Lastly, Nasri Ramadhan, affectionately known as “Ujugu Hapa,” brings unparalleled energy to football fandom in Tanzania. His creative approach to engaging with fellow fans, from organizing community events to innovative social media campaigns, has galvanized support for local teams. Nasri’s enthusiasm and ingenuity are a testament to the power of football to unite people.

A Film for the Fans, By the Fans

Speaking on this documentary Guinness Marketing Manager Henrietta Reed remarked, “Shine perfectly captures the passion and energy seen not just in Kenyan football fans, but Africa over, and we’re excited to have partnered with Joan and Nora to showcase just what football means to millions of people across the continent.”

The show exclusively premiered on Showmax on 5th July 2024. Adding to Henrietta’s sentiments, Nomsa Philiso, CEO of General Entertainment at MultiChoice said, “Showmax is trying to bring together the 250 million football fans on our continent, so when Guinness approached us to collaborate on Shine, we jumped at the opportunity to show how much fans in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania have in common.”

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