Shaffie Weru’s Bold Reaction After Government’s Move To Increase Fuel Prices

Media personality Shaffie Weru has issued a bold message in reaction to the Government’s move to increase fuel prices; a move that in turn affects the general cost of living.

Speaking on Kiss FM, Shaffie hinted that he was triggered by the statement issued by Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna who asked Kenyans to support the government instead of lamenting.

“Let us not cry all the time. We should ask ourselves what we’re doing to help the government,

“I can tell you this, the amount of taxes people pay in Europe is nothing compared to what you’re paying here, you shouldn’t be crying,” Oguna said while speaking to the press.

Shaffie however differed with his sentiments saying that it makes no sense to compare people living in a first-world country with those living in a third-world country.

He added that it was quite unfortunate that Kenyans are paying heavily yet the services offered by the government remain questionable and unsatisfying.

“I respect he is doing his job but do not disrespect me by comparing me with people in the first world country.

He goes further to say we should support the government. We cannot have a begging government. I do not pay taxes to support the government, I pay because it is the law” Shaffie stated

In a rather controversial comparison, Shaffie admitted that it is easier to support people who do something for him like in a relationship with a woman as he questioned what the government has been offering to its people.

His remarks were supported by radio personalities Kamene and Jalango who both called out the government for making the lives of Kenyans difficult.

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