Shaffie Swears To Never Dedicate Another18 Years Of His Life To Company

Former Kiss 100 FM presenter Shaffie Weru continues to address his ugly split with Radio Africa Group which unfolded under the public eye.

The popular presenter said that dedicating 18 years to another company as he did to the media house isn’t something that will happen again in his career.

He was speaking in an interview on Switch TV where he insisted that his new beginning will be about him.

“If am going to do that, I will do it for me because it’s about taking care for me,” he told Robert Burale on his show “Oh men”.

Shaffie also shed more light on his post Homeboyz life saying that a lot of friends ditched him after he was shown the door.

“Actually, majority of the people who I expected to stand by me or have my back walked away and I’m not even judging,” he said.

“Some of them are people who used to handle my businesses, others I used to hang with on a daily when I was ‘The Reverend’. I am not a foreseer to know that something like this would have happened.”

Shaffie, Neville and DJ Joe Mflame were fired after arguing a lady who was thrown off the sixth floor of an apartment by her first-time date was the one on the wrong. Their comments went viral and the two were forced to give public apologies though the damage had already been done.

Watch the full interview below:




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