Sexy New Rebrand From Tequila Rose in Kenya

22 February of 2018 by

It’s the perfect drink for the month of Love – but really, an exceptionally relaxing serve for any time of the year you want to feel luxurious and bold.

Tequila Rose strawberry and cream liqueur has just relaunched its gorgeous new bottle to better appeal to the modern day woman who enjoys something sweet to wind down a long day.

Tequila Rose was first launched in Kenya in 2012 by First Drinks Kenya and has just enhanced its bottle to a new colour changing one including a logo that turns pink when at the perfect chilled temperature.

So you know exactly when and how to serve.

Other enhancements include; reflective shiny roses and colourful pink strawberries to reinforce the flavour element and the bottle’s visibility.

Try Tequila Rose in a variety of cocktails or simply on its own! And check out their social media pages for ideas – such as my favourite, below:

The rose on the bottle represents the modern day confident, fearless, and fun loving woman, who likes to be at home, or take on a night on the town – she knows herself and knows exactly how she is comfortable!

Tequila Rose is locally distributed in the region by First Drinks Kenya.

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