Fena Gitu’s Sema Ng’we, I dare You! Video Out

I LOVE IT! The Fena-menal woman is back at it! Hot off the tracks (the pun just happened!) of her just-released collaboration Kama Kawaida, with her very talented friends Kagwe Mungai, Mayonde and Muthoni the Drummer Queen. Fena just released the video for her latest single, Sema Ng’we!

Killing it on a beat produced by JackKack On the Beat (Pacho Entertainment) the three and a half minute video, directed beautifully by Mushking opens with Fena receiving a call from Homeboyz Radio presenter, Kwambox (Sheila Kwamboka) asking her to come out and play!

And that’s exactly what they do!

Dressed in a cheeky teddy bear onesie, Fena and Kwambox go on a Sema Ng’we Challenge. You remember that truth or dare game we used to play before we grew up?  You were dared to do something totally outrageous and taunted if you hesitated. “Sema Ng’we  and I’ll do it,” was always your response. And then you did.

That’s exactly what Fena gets up to in the video. A set of challenges from, presumably Kwambox who starts off with a dare to do Push Up’s in the Middle of Traffic! Jogging onto a road in what looks to be a street in South B, a truck is stopped, pushups and jumping jacks are done and the tune goes “…pang’anga mingi mi sinaga wee!” I’m not all talk. You know she’ll do the other dares, so what’s next?

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A party is gatecrashed, a food delivery is messed up and a strip club is (ahem) visited. Big Pin and Manga make an appearance in the video, with Gabu of P-Unit spitting a line or two in the song.

Fena’s new style, lyrically, sounds really nice. Moving away from her soulful singer vibe to a rap style is quite a gamble but this reporter feels it’s working out quite well! Lines like “Hatuna wakati ya watu wako Fa(ke)” or “We met before, used to be a four now I’m rocking a ten!” give you some idea of the shift that the Phenomenal Woman has been making. She looks slimmer, fit. Still as happy as she was when African King was released, but you’ll notice a new bold, grittier type of swag that goes with it! Confident. Spunky. Feisty.

4/5 star rating for the video.

Check it out!

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