Scenes From The Ladies International Polo Tournament

The Ladies’ International Polo Tournament happened over the weekend at the prestigious Nairobi Polo Club. On this weekend’s schedule were several cups with several teams such as BM Security, Zuri Resorts, Tanqueray, Primarosa, Tusker Malt (both Green and White), Diani Reef, and Mambo Polo playing.

Polo Tournament
Winners of the OMT Bowl, Team Tusker Malt. L-R: HRH Padmanabh Singh, Cheza Millar, Amani
Nzomo and Philip Arungah. Presenting the award was SBM Bank’s Head of Marketing
Communications, Magdaline Mulandi (Middle).

However, the main match was between a 17-goal Zambian Ladies’ team and a 21-goal Kenyan team. At the end of the tournament, the Kenyan team emerged victorious. Throughout the tournament, the event witnessed a seamless display of synergy between sports and fine taste. Moreover, distinguished guests and polo enthusiasts went all out to grace the occasion. Many dressed impeccably, adding to the overall elegance and charm of the prestigious event.

Polo Tournament
DJ Hypnotiq, EABL’s Head of Marketing and Innovation, Annejoy Michira, and Events
Impresario Wendy Wangui

In addition to the exhilarating polo action, another highlight of this tournament was the mesmerizing “Flavour Town.” This is an exclusive section created by Tusker Malt to provide a unique and sophisticated experience for the guests. At the heart of Flavour Town was the Tusker Malt Craft Room. Here guests were taken on an extraordinary journey through the meticulous process of creating the finest lager, Tusker Malt.

Leading the journey was the renowned Cicerone, Felix Odhiambo. He skillfully demonstrated the passion and precision behind every bottle of Tusker Malt. From the careful selection of the choicest ingredients to the delicate art of bottling, the immersive Craft Room experience truly celebrated the art of brewing.

Polo Tournament
Tusker Malt Craft Room Cicerone, Felix, takes a guest through the crafting process.

Rediet Yigezu, the Senior Brand Manager for Tusker Malt, expressed her delight in being part of the prestigious polo tournament. “We want to use the polo social experience to supplement the action on the field of play by showcasing the deliberate craftsmanship of Tusker Malt Lager.” She said. “Our ‘Flavour Room,’ with its captivating Craft Room, provided an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate the art of brewing with our esteemed guests.”

Overall, the outcome was a grand success, as the exhilarating sport of polo seamlessly merged with an elevated social experience.

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