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10 January of 2019 by

The new year’s eve was something we all crazed on, virtually everyone had some type of plan. Questions like what will you be doing and where will you be doing it from dominated most conversations. And more importantly, why seemed to be a bigger question. My answer was pretty simple, Kilifi New Year!

Kilifi New Year has been a buzz for quite some time now – thanks to Distant Relatives. The event that not only promises but delivers interactions in what could be termed a ‘cultured planet’, bringing to Kenya a vibe many want to be associated with.

When you hear ‘Beneath the Baobab ‘what comes to mind? Trees right? perhaps a place, or area code? Yes, the enchanting area code served as the venue where people’s lives shifted to music and cultural integration within three days. Kilifi New Year kicked off on Saturday the 29th to 1st January 2019. It brought in togetherness, some great fun and love – all in one place.

The beautiful scenery with a presence and ambiance that is calm and cool, with all its waters and white sands, complemented what I would say the best event of the year 2018.

The event brought in people from different countries from as far as Ireland, Japan, South Africa, Scotland – you name it. The opportunity to come together during the day and admire the different decor and food served with a touch of African grandeur was memorable.

The captivating set up had three different stages, one that was intriguing with Simba like feel, which served many by bringing the best music that cuts across the diverse cultures and genres. The likes of Max Melesi, Seth Schwarz, Yetno, DJ Vidza, La Dave, Deejay Suraj, Kiambi and many acts served their audience with some great beat.

The event brought together a community that loved people in its essence, people who understood a drink in hand and a friend on the other. A community of fun and hype in which many made friends, many would live to remember, many would live to tell.

It is January the 7th but we already know where we will be on December 31st, 2019.

Check out images from the event below:

Images: Kimutai Dennis


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