Sauti Sol’s Sol Kids to Create Content For African Kids

Sauti Sol have launched a new product targeting kids.

The boy’s band made up of Chimano, Bien, Savara and Polycarp have launched Sol Kids, which will target African kids in an effort to digitize and immortalize African stories.

Bien believes it’s time Africans also start creating content for African kids and stop depending on ventures from abroad.

“There is very little kids content for Africans on this continent. It is always an initiative taken by some European-funded venture. We are taking the power and doing it by ourselves. We need to own our stories,” he said while speaking to Mpasho.

As part of the venture, Bien already has a comic book which will be available on their streaming App Sahara while Polycarp, has two books dubbed ‘Lala Land’ and ‘Written in the Stars. 

“I also have a series coming up. It is about Western Province, where I come from. One of the stories will be about the crying stone that both the Luyha and the Kalenjin tell in their mythologies. The comic itself costs Ksh 100,” he said.

Sol kids come at a time when the three members are settling down and starting families. Bien said that it’s one of the reasons why the idea came up.

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