Sauti Sol Make History With Record Breaking Virtual Experience

Critically acclaimed international award-winning boy-band Sauti Sol made history Saturday night when they gave fans across the world a virtual experience like no other. The group dropped their first project under Universal Music Africa in July but due to the ongoing pandemic, a concert to perform the jams was unattainable. The only solution was a virtual concert cum experience which they absolutely bodied.

The four-men band set a target of entertaining the diehard fans, welcome new fans, and cement a place in the annals of Kenyan music history – and hands down they ticked every box.

The virtual set was directed by the incredible Mbithi Masya who produced an hour and half of undoubtedly the most wholesome experience. The entire experience had the fans sending fire emojis on the comment box from the jump. The fans got to fan over their favorite member of the band. Chimano emerged as the winner from his style, vocals, opulence, and aura on stage.

The live-stream generated over 30,000 virtual viewers, with the show kicking off with a cameo of vintage Nairobi backed by the vocals ‘cinema zetu ni telenovela’ from the hit single ‘Extravaganza’. Cameras pan to a vintage train ride revealing the group: Bien, Savara, Chimano, Polycarp aka fancy fingers, Xenia, Lisa oduor, Okello Max Nviiri and Bensoul. Everyone would later appear on different junctures of the performance.

The experienced took off with intro song ‘Do what makes you happy, do what makes you smile’ which was great precedence for the performance. The title track of the album ‘Midnight Train’ brings us the band in a resized stage all donning African suits looking impeccable. We start absorbing the visuals and lighting which brought out color and mood for the show. They’d follow up with ‘Live and Die in Afrika’ showing us some choreographed moves, diverse music arrangement and immaculate cohesion.

From there on, they’d perform jams like Brighter Days, Insecure. Feel My love, Short and Sweet, Sober, Kuliko Jana, Melanin, Wake Up, My Everything, Nenda Lote, Suzanna, Disco Matanga, Rhumba Japani and the outro was ‘Set me Free’. They superbly incorporated videos of some of the songs mixed in with the live performance. Skits sprinkled gems on the journey of the band, from how they started, their debut album and more tiny facts.

The overall experience showcased how talented the boys are with instruments and natural vocals. Savara doubled up as a drummer while at some point Bien grabbed the box guitar. Chimano raised his profile from his vocal delivery and the fans doubled their love for him. The four boys got their flowers and each acknowledged for their role.

The group was trending in Kenya the entire Sunday with the YouTube views hitting over 200k views 10 hours later after the premier.




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