Sauti Sol’s Chimano’s Message To Kenyans After Recovering From COVID-19

After battling COVID-19 for an undisclosed time, Sauti Sol’s Chimano has confirmed that he is finally free from the virus.

Taking to his Twitter account, Chimano said that the illness hit him hard as he urged Kenyans to continue observing the guidelines set to curb COVID-19 spread.

“Finally covid free. This one really hit me hard. Be careful ya’ll and please take the necessary precautions! Happy new week!” he wrote on his post.

In the past few weeks, celebrities have been publicly sharing their COVID-19 status and their experience battling the virus.

Other than Chimano, another Sauti Sol member who went public with his status is Bien who tested positive for the virus in November 2020.

The singer said that he experienced fever, joint aches, and eye problems which prompted his decision to seek medical assistance.

Describing the illness as intense, Bien also lamented how expensive it is to get treatment revealing that he spent Ksh 8,000 on drugs.

“Our healthcare system has not cushioned us, so once it gets you, you may end up spending too much from your pockets. It could be worse since it could even kill you.” He stated

Some of the celebrities who recently announced they have recovered from the virus include Kwambox, Tetu Shani and Gilad Milo.




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