Sauti Sol Terminate Contract With Universal Music Group Africa

Boy Band Sauti Sol has opted out of their contract with Universal Music Group Africa just two years after inking the deal.

Speaking on Mambo Mseto, Bien Aime said that they had to cancel the deal after realizing the two parties were not on the same page.

“After working with universal, I have realized one thing. Going International haiko kwa ule msee unawork na yeye. Iko kwa kichwa yako, it’s in your mind, so kisanii lazima kwanza umekuwa umeji elevate so us – Sauti Sol we were already there, mentally and musically too,” said Bien during the interview.

The singer further said that they tried renegotiating the contract but couldn’t reach an agreement and therefore chose to go independent.

“It was either we sign another contract or we cancel the current one, we terminate it,” he said.

“We went independent again. So right now we have recorded another album. Licensing and distribution will be done by others.”

Bien believes going independent is actually a good thing given now artists can push themselves through different social media platforms.

He encouraged other artists to follow suit and not just think musical success will come from inking a label deal.

“Artistes right now don’t need to be signed to a label. Maze kuweni independent” said Bien.

The band penned a multi-million deal with the label in early January though the exact figure was not revealed. They also signed an additional 3-years, Ksh 50 million deal with the label for Sol Generation.

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