Sauti Sol Takes Us Back With ‘Blue Uniform’ Remake

Critically acclaimed and International Afro-pop boy-band Sauti Sol has kept their fans on toes this year and they seem not to slow down. The group just dropped their first major-label album dubbed ‘Midnight Train’ on 5th June and the fans are loving and commenting about it all day.

The interesting route the boy band has initiated on their Youtube is remaking the acoustic versions of the songs. The group has uploaded not one nor two but three acoustic versions of ‘Midnight Train’ and an acoustic version of ‘Feel My Love’ which makes you love the jams even more. The lead guitarist Fancy Fingers is back with his guitar tutorials covering songs on the album for people who want to learn the technical music part of the album.

What took me back was the beautifully executed redo of the song ‘Blue Uniform’. In a backyard setting the group took us back 10 years just to bring the new fans up to speed with what they’d have missed. Blue Uniform addresses the not so great relationship between cops and citizens which is a reality in this day and age. The USA is facing countrywide protests against the killing of black men but close home, cops are terrorizing citizens in the same energy.

Sauti Sol had been booked for multiple events but with the Covid-19 pandemic, they had to cancel all their plans. The group is taking this opportunity to interact with their fanbase and provide more content. Check out their Facebook page to know what is hot.

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