Sauti Sol Seek Legal Remedy For Azimio La Umoja Violation of Their Copyright

Celebrated Band Sauti Sol has released a statement criticising Azimio la Umoja’s campaign use of their popular song ‘Extravaganza’.

The band’s hit single is used as a soundtrack to the announcement post of the coalition’s running mate allegedly without consent.

Sharing their disapproval for the use of the song, Sauti Sol released a statement reading;

“We did not license this song to the Azimio is umoja campaign, neither did we give any consent for it’s use in the announcement of their vice president candidate.”

This comes after the Azimio la Umoja named Martha Karua as the coalition’s running mate.

The statement continued to read;

“Our authority to use the composition, which is one of the most distinct compositions was neither sought nor given.”

“A blatant copy right infringement as directed by section 35 cap 170 of the copyright act of Kenya.”

The song in contention, “Extravaganza” was released by Sauti Sol in 2019, introducing the now popular Sol generation artists Nviiri The Story Teller and Bensoul as well as Crystal Asige and Kaskazini.

Sauti Sol Maintain non partisan stance as politics takes centre stage

The statement emphasized the band’s non partisan stance, denouncing affiliation to Azimio La Umoja Campaign or any other political movement.

“We would like to make it very clear to our fans, partners and associates, we are not aligned to nor associated with the Azimio La Umoja Campaign or any other Political Movement and/or Party, their Presidential aspirants, Vice Presidential aspirants and candidates at large. We are fully apolitical.”

The group added, they will seek legal remedy for Azimio Ia Umoja Campaign’s blatant disregard for their right to control use of their copyright.